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04/21/2014 06:29 AM
130: A rolling stop
Well this is it, the final episode of A Christian and an Atheist with Emery as co-host. Please join Emery, Scott, Norton, and a few special guests as we discuss the podcast and what it has meant to us over the years. The future promises many surprises, and we're excited to see what's in store. Until the reboot, thanks to everyone for listening to the podcast. We hope it has been as fun for you as it has been for us.

02/11/2014 06:29 AM
129: Straight to hell with Glen Veltum
Glen Veltum of joins us again to complete the Fundamentals of Fundamentalism series. We end with, where else, hell. Can God still be moral while souls are suffering in hell? Find out here.

01/18/2014 06:29 AM
128: Fundamentals of Fundamentalism: Sacrifice and Atonement with Glen Veltum
Glen Veltum of joins us again to continue the series, this time looking at why God would require sacrifice for atonement of sin.

12/08/2013 06:29 AM
127: Fundamentals of Fundamentalism: Original Sin with Glen Veltum
Glen Veltum of joins us again to continue the series. This time we tackled original sin (eventually), with some detours into what would make Adam and Eve even want to sin in the first place.

11/24/2013 06:29 AM
126: Fundamentals of Fundamentalism: Sin, part 1b with Glen Veltum
At A Christian and an Atheist, we like talking about sin as much as any Sunday morning televangelist. We like it so much that sometimes we get off on a tangent or three. This episode is a reboot of the Fundamentalism series, starting again (this time hopefully in a more focused manner) on the Westminster Shorter Catechism's definition of sin.

11/15/2013 11:29 AM
125: Fundamentals of Fundamentalism: Sin, part 1 with Glen Veltum
Come get a helping of some old time religion when Glen joins Emery to discuss religion and morality from a fundamentalist perspective. Our series starts with sin, and will hit the classic pulpit-pounding topics that still form the backbone of Christianity in America.

10/14/2013 11:29 AM
124: Defining good, part 3: discussion with Glen Veltum
Our series on defining good continues with Glen Veltum from the podcast "Think Between the Lines." Glen joins Emery to give his take on the first two shows in this series, and to discuss whether humans have intrinsic value.

10/02/2013 11:29 AM
123: Would Jesus support Obamacare?
Scott and Emery discuss Obamacare, whether Jesus would support it, and the proper role of government social programs in society.

09/21/2013 11:29 AM
122: Defining good, part 2: discussion with Sean McDowell
What does it mean to call something good? Attempts by Christians and atheists to discuss morality often end up in straw man debates because the definition of "good" has not first been defined. This is the second part in a series of discussions with various Christians about what "good" means. We continue with Sean McDowell.

09/08/2013 03:29 PM
121: Defining good, part 1: discussion with Tony English
What does it mean to call something good? Attempts by Christians and atheists to discuss morality often end up in straw man debates because the definition of "good" has not first been defined. This is the first part in a series of discussions with various Christians to try to figure out what "good" means. We start with Tony English. NOTE: Ep. 122 mistakenly refers to this show for the link to the discussion between Sean McDowell and Michael Shermer. Please visit the show archive and see episode 122 for the link.

08/25/2013 03:29 PM
120: Scott the Humanist 2.0
This week Emery continues his discussion with Scott about his humanism. Scott also discusses a possible miracle, Emery dishes about Tony, and we have a real life Stryper encounter.

08/03/2013 03:29 PM
119: Harry Harrison
Thanks to forum member Moonwood the Hare for introducing us to his friend Harry Harrison, who is our first Greek Orthodox Christian guest. Join us for an interesting conversation with Harry as we introduce him to Stryper, and in turn learn about his take on Christianity, and how a person becomes a Christian.

07/21/2013 03:29 PM
118b: Ontological Tony, part 2
Tony and Emery discuss the Modal Ontological argument in two parts, this is part two.

07/21/2013 03:29 PM
118a: Ontological Tony, part 1
Tony and Emery discuss the Modal Ontological argument in two parts, this is part one.

06/16/2013 03:29 PM
117: Scott the humanist?
Scott argues that there are certain rules that Christians should not try to impose on others. Emery wonders why not, and concludes that Scott is really a humanist in Christian clothing. Oh yeah, and a libertarian. It's good to have Scott back on the show.

06/08/2013 03:29 PM
116: Sean McDowell
Christian listeners may be especially interested: Sean McDowell lends his street cred to the show this week. Sean is an author and lecturer, and a co-author with his dad Josh McDowell. We talk to Sean about his dad and about Sean's own conversion experience, and hopefully will have him on for some weighty discussions in the future.

05/18/2013 03:29 PM
115: The nature of knowledge, part 2
Joey and Glen continue the conversation on how we know stuff. Joey describes how it is that he knows God is real, and no, it is not based on what you think. Glen and Emery also pick at the presuppositional argument.

05/09/2013 03:29 PM
114: The nature of knowledge
Joey and Glen from the fine podcast "Think Between the Lines" join Emery to discuss the nature of knowledge. This discussion is developing into a multi-part series as we try to pinpoint what underlies the general inability of Christians and Atheists to engage each others' points of view.

04/13/2013 03:29 PM
113: Gay marriage 2013
Tony gives his take on gay marriage. Is it normal? What is the standard of normal? And is it bad for the children? Join us for the discussion, and continue the debate on our forum.

03/25/2013 03:29 PM
112: God of the gaps
Tony joins us to discuss some of his favorite arguments in light of new discoveries about the mysteries of the universe, and whether he is merely exploiting gaps in human knowledge. And that pesky infinite regress argument is also looked at again.

03/10/2013 03:29 PM
111: Gun control
Would Jesus pack heat? Probably he wouldn't need to. But how about his followers--should they carry guns? What if gun ownership were a fundamental right like free speech? And if the Bible tells us to "take no thought for tomorrow," should we take thought for the intruder or some deadly antagonist? Scott and Emery discuss these things in relation to the pacifistic side of Jesus's teachings.

03/03/2013 03:29 PM
110: God's will
It may be God's will that we postpone our YouTube debut, and that we keep our Stryper bumper music. This we know. Why we know this, however, is the topic of this episode. What is the difference between recognizing your subconscious underpinnings and hearing "God's Will?" What is sufficient evidence of God's actions (and existence)?

02/17/2013 03:29 PM
109: We're back
It's good to be back. Life and its attendant duties have delayed us way beyond what we had imagined, but the show goes on. Join Scott and Emery this week as we discuss future plans for the show, whether Christianity matters as much as before, and what the goal of Christianity should be.

04/15/2012 03:29 PM
108: What's next
Scott joins Emery to discuss the reboot of the podcast as they tape the last show from Emery's apartment. We talk about why we think continued dialogue between Christians and Atheists is needed and our planned re-launch on YouTube. The show will take a hiatus as Emery takes on home ownership, with a planned return around June 2012. Thanks for listening everyone, see you in a couple months.

03/09/2012 03:29 PM
107: A reasonable direction for the show?
Forum stalwart "Keep the Reason", aka George, joins Emery to discuss the future direction of the show and atheism in general. This is the first time we've had an atheist on to critique the show, and it's about time. Thanks to George for taking the time to give us his feedback, and to inspire visions of grandeur.

02/24/2012 03:29 PM
106: Is a pro-life position compatible with Christianity?
Emery asks an old question but gets new answers: why should Christians oppose abortion if all unborn children go to heaven? Isn't that better than letting people be born and likely wind up in hell? Joey and Glen join the show again to discuss one of Emery's pet inconsistencies with what he views as traditional Christian belief.

02/13/2012 03:29 PM
105: Was Jesus a libertarian?
With all this Republican primary action going on, you know we'd have to have a political episode eventually. This week Scott defends his libertarian views while Emery argues for a more socialistic political system that he thinks is actually more Christian. No matter what your views are, however, one thing is certain: make sure to vote!

01/24/2012 03:29 PM
104: Hand warmers and dragons
We're happy to welcome Mitch McKain back to the show, along with Hector Ramirez aka Dr. Mundo, to discuss the nature of proof. We'll look at Carl Sagan's "dragon in the garage" analogy regarding whether lack of demonstrable evidence of existence is the same as non-existence, while Hector takes us on a journey though the frozen tundra.

01/05/2012 03:29 PM
103: Is the Resurrection necessary?
This week we welcome Paul Scheuer, aka Stillsearching on the forum. Paul brings his brand of Christianity that actually makes Scott look conservative. Join us as Scott and Paul discuss what makes one a Christian, while Emery wonders why any of this is needed if all roads lead to heaven.

12/23/2011 03:29 PM
102: How can we not sin?
Yes, that old question again. This time, however, the question is answered by "true Stryper fans" Joey Hodge and Glenn Veltum of the excellent Christian podcast at We also discuss Emery's brand of atheism, and communication between Christians and atheists.

12/17/2011 03:29 PM
101: The problem of suffering
Tony is back to discuss chapter 7 of William Lane Craig's book "On Guard." This week we discuss the problem of suffering. If God is all good and all powerful, why doesn't he prevent suffering? Does the existence of suffering disprove the existence of the Christian God? We look at Craig's arguments on this topic, and explore the idea of a heavenly lobotomy.

11/28/2011 03:29 PM
100: What makes you a Christian?
Welcome to episode number 100! Norton joins Scott and Emery to discuss the state of atheist/Christian dialogue, but the discussion turns toward a fundamental question: what does it take to become a Christian? Strangely, this turns out to be a tough question to answer.

09/22/2011 03:29 PM
99: Do moderate Christians enable fundamentalism?
Inspired by a post on the forum following the last show on Christian PTSD, Emery challenges Scott's moderate positions on the Bible, and asks whether Scott's moderate positions simply empower fundamentalists by legitimizing their dependence on scripture. We look at passages from Sam Harris's book "The End of Faith" to explore the idea that moderates in a religion enable the very extremism they try to distance themselves from.

09/29/2011 03:29 PM
98: Christian PTSD
Emery visits pastor Scott's green leather couch for some counseling on what he perceives to be hangups and issues related to a Christian upbringing. What happens when a child internalizes some of the unreachable standards religion requires? Listen and compare your upbringing to Emery's angst ridden past.

09/11/2011 03:29 PM
97: Human evil
On this, the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attack, we look at the issue of human evil and whether it is an endemic part of the human makeup, or a separable entity that can be eradicated. We examine the issue in light of N.T. Wright's book "Evil and the Justice of God," and ask whether our modern, clinical view of evil as a natural part of human behavior is inadequate.

06/28/2011 03:29 PM
96: Why should God be good?
What does good mean when it is self defined by a non-human entity? Scott and Tony and Emery take up this question as a followup to the prior discussion on the Moral Argument for the existence of God.

06/21/2011 03:29 PM
95: Space ships and man-eating giraffes
Tony joins us again this week to discuss chapter 6 of "On Guard" by William Lane Craig. This chapter, not as cleverly titled as our podcast, is called "Can We Be Good Without God," which gives Tony and Emery yet another chance to discuss their favorite topic: do we need God for morality to work? Although they had ambitions of finally putting the issue to rest in this podcast, chances of doing so seem about as good as a California governor's promise to balance the budget.

05/21/2011 03:29 PM
94: The End of the World
With only a few hours left, join Scott and Emery as they await the end of the world on May 21, 2011. What better way to anticipate Jesus' return than to ponder the following: 1) have Christians committed the same sin of unbelief they accuse nonbelievers of when they doubt Harold Camping's read of the Bible, 2) is there a chance for salvation in the afterlife and how long should God's forgiveness last, 3) what is hell like, and 4) is it easier to dissuade someone from nihilism if life is finite or infinite?

04/24/2011 03:29 PM
93: Conversion
What actually happens during conversion that is laudable? What do we do that is damnable? This week Scott and Emery discuss the conversion process, and talk about Scott's encounter with some proselytizing Mormons.

04/03/2011 03:29 PM
92: Fine Tuning Argument
Tony joins Emery this week to discuss chapter 5 of William Lane Craig's book "On Guard." This chapter is on the Fine Tuning argument. Emery brings some of the common objections, and Tony explains the firing squad and lottery ball analogies used by Dr. Craig.

02/27/2011 03:29 PM
91: Should you be true to yourself?
This week Scott and Emery examine Don Johnson's ( premise that one of society's big lies is that we should take charge of our own lives. He advocates a "let go and let God" approach, where man's real purpose is to love outwardly toward God and other people, and sin is defined as loving yourself instead.

02/14/2011 03:29 PM
90: Why does anything exist at all?
Tony joins us to discuss chapter 3 of William Lane Craig's book "On Guard." This chapter explores the Leibnitz Cosmological Argument which revolves around the distinction between objects that are contingent, and those that are necessary. Tony supports Craig's argument by claiming that all objects in the universe are contingent, so there must be a necessary entity somewhere to start it all. Emery, however, feels we don't know enough about matter to say that it's all contingent.

01/30/2011 03:29 PM
89: Are there any immoral acts?
Is it immoral when God commands people to inflict pain and suffering? Is it immoral when God allows pain and suffering? Many Christians say no, because it's all part of God's intended plan. How then can any act be immoral? Scott and Emery tackle the issue on this episode as they discuss the Christian solutions to the problem of evil, and the implications these solutions have.

01/02/2011 03:29 PM
88: Objective meaning
Can we have objective meaning, value, and purpose in our lives without God? Or are these things necessarily subjective, even if God exists? Join Tony and Emery on the first of a multi-part series discussing the book "On Guard" by William Lane Craig. We start with Ch. 2 entitled "What difference does it make if God exists?"

12/20/2010 03:29 PM
87: On being human
What does it mean to be human? Join Scott, Emery, and special guest Jay (aka humanguy) as they discuss the origin of religion and its impact on our identity as human beings.

12/14/2010 03:29 PM
86: Where's the justice?
Pastor Scott is back with his main objection to atheism: justice. But does the Christian world view really give humans their only shot at justice in the hereafter, or does Christianity cause more injustice in the afterlife than it fixes?

11/15/2010 03:29 PM
85: Cosmic Morality
We welcome the unsinkable Tony English back to the show to revisit the Cosmological and Moral arguments for God. This time we limit the discussion to one item for the Cosmological Argument, and one for the Moral Argument: 1) does thought require time, and is it a brute fact sufficient to defeat the Cosmological argument's premise that God can act outside time, and 2) can God, an entity beholden to no one but himself, really supply objective moral standards?

08/15/2010 03:29 PM
84: Where's the magic?
This show is a discussion between two people with differing opinions. The atheist sees things one way, and the Christian another. But is there anything supernatural underlying the Christian's viewpoint, or is it simply a matter of who wins the philosophical argument? The Christian God either exists or He doesn't, despite all the arguments we have discussed on this show. But if he does exist, shouldn't it show? Shouldn't the Christian have more than just a good argument? Join Emery and Scott as they try to solve this question, and join them on their letter writing campaign to Stryper.

07/28/2010 03:29 PM
83: Questions for the atheist
Questions for atheists seem few and far between. Usually the questions flow the other way. This week Christian guest Mitch McKain tries to reverse that trend, but it's tough getting Emery to stop asking questions while answering them. Topics include sin and free will, why it's easier to go to hell than heaven, and whether reality is objective or subjective.

07/11/2010 03:29 PM
82: The Rev and the Ex Rev
Regular forum contributor and ex-minister Exrev (aka Rick Tobin) discusses his recent deconversion from Christianity to atheism with Pastor Scott.

05/23/2010 03:29 PM
81: The Switch
What would happen if Scott and Emery switched belief systems? What would Scott's priorities be if he were to become an atheist, and Emery's if he were to become a Christian? Would it be wine, women and song for Scott, and holy water and wafers for Emery? Find out on this episode. But watch out, fire and brimstone are involved.

05/10/2010 03:29 PM
80: Unitarian Universalism
UUers rejoice! Josh Hooper introduces Unitarian Universalism to Scott and Emery. What do UUers believe anyway? Are they just being dogmatically undogmatic? Join us and find out.

04/25/2010 03:29 PM
79: The Resurrection
What's the big deal about Jesus' resurrection? Doesn't the soul survive death anyway? If so, then Jesus' survival isn't exactly remarkable. Is it the fact he was reanimated? But hadn't that been done before with others, more than once? Join Emery and Scott as they discuss what Christian resurrection actually entails, and whether God merely saved us from a problem of his own making.

04/14/2010 03:29 PM
78: Norton returns to discuss life, evolution, and the value of things in a Christian world
We're excited to have Norton, the original Christian co-host of the show, back for an episode to discuss life in the interim. Topics include adoption and trying to have kids, why science convinces Norton to embrace evolution but doesn't cause him to reject the resurrection, and whether people have more value when they are infinitely reproducible or just one of a kind.

03/29/2010 03:29 PM
77: When good Chinese Christian boys go bad
What makes someone from a good Christian family with a nice church and loving parents turn to the dark side of atheism?. Find out as Dr. Tony, who isn't a psychotherapist but plays one online, tries to find out.

03/08/2010 03:29 PM
76: Earthquakes, Toyotas, leaving your faith, and of course, sex.
Join us this episode as Scott and Emery discuss the recent earthquakes and whether God should face a Congressional hearing for defective design like the president of Toyota, how to tell your family that you're no longer a Christian, and whether or not that little clause in Ephesians about wives submitting to husbands was really a good idea.

02/15/2010 03:29 PM
75: Happy Sex Month.
February is sex month at Scott's church. This week's show feature's Scott's sermon on marital sex, delivered to his faithful parishioners the previous Sunday. Using 1 Corinthians 7 as the starting point, Scott gives his interpretation of Biblical norms regarding sex between spouses, while Emery finds the norms too narrow to fit the varieties of human sexual experience. They both agree that a responsible attitude toward sex, however, is more important than what can and cannot be done. Happy Valentine's day everyone!

01/11/2010 03:29 PM
74: Happy New Year, homelessness, microlending, and G-d. And toasters.
Happy new year everyone, better late than never. Join Scott and Emery in the first podcast of the new decade where they discuss homelessness, the power of religion in charity, taking the Lord's name in vain, testing God, microlending, and ideas for the new year. And as always, buy Stryper stuff.

12/20/2009 03:29 PM
73: End of the year podcast
Merry Christmahanukwanzasolstica, and a happy new year to all! Join Emery and Scott for the end of the year podcast where they bestow Christmas wishes, discuss the future of the show, and dream of an Atheist-Christian alliance at the soup kitchen. Best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday season and prosperous and peaceful new year!

11/13/2009 03:29 PM
72: Nazis, brothers in law, and communication
Is God like your brother in law? Is Christianity like Naziism? Join us this week as we discuss how civil discourse between Christians and atheists should be conducted, and test those rules by delving into some stick issues.

10/25/2009 03:29 PM
71: Movies, marathons, and morality
Watch Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution," don't pray before marathons, follow Jesus rather than the Bible, and don't believe in objective morality. And that's just the beginning of what happens when Scott and Emery find themselves without a guest for a change, and much to catch up on. This week we discuss various things that have been on our minds, as well as continue a question started on the last episode: what is the Christian or the atheist missing out on by refusing to adopt the other's world view?

10/10/2009 03:29 PM
70: Grilled Pastor for Two
We're glad to welcome Ed Buckner, president of American Atheists, to the show to help Emery de-convert Pastor Scott. It starts out innocently enough, but soon the good pastor is knee deep in the barbeque pit. Ed keeps turning up the heat, yet Scott manages to serve up a pleasing aroma to the Lord. Listen as Ed talks about the goals of atheism, and Scott gets a dose of the "you don't know what you're missing" type arguments Christians often use on Emery.

09/19/2009 03:29 PM
69: Cardinal virtues
Join Emery and Wonders as they explore the reasons each rejects the other's world view. Find out why Wonders could never be an atheist, and why Emery cannot accept the Christian world view.

09/03/2009 03:29 PM
68: Back to the Garden, part 2
Josiah joins us once again from Canada where life is like a box of chocolates, Rush rules, and Stryper comes in a distant but fabulous second. What's this all about? Tune in as Scott, Josiah, and Emery continue the discussion on free will and obedience, and what it is that God wants us to do anyway. And oh yeah, Christian hair bands and Disney.

08/27/2009 03:29 PM
67: Discussion with Frank Turek
We're honored to have Frank Turek, co-author of "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist" on the show this week. Frank takes time off his busy schedule to talk to Scott and Emery about his book and his recent debates with Christopher Hitchens. Check out those debates on, then come on back and listen to our discussion.

08/20/2009 03:29 PM
66: Back to the Garden
Seminary student Josiah Meyer joins Scott and Emery to tackle what may be the bedrock disagreement between Christians and atheists, namely sin. What is it? Why should Eve have been punished? What did she do that was so wrong? Join us in this first of a series on sin with our special guest Josiah.

08/02/2009 03:29 PM
65: Parenting
Emery's bar exam is over, and Scott has a new baby! Join us as we catch up from our brief hiatus and talk about God, parenting, faith healing, and how a Christian parent deals with the possibility of a child in hell.

07/05/2009 03:29 PM
64: Wrap up of Norm Geisler's book, and a look at Jesus
Scott and Emery give their final impressions on the book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" on this, the 4th of July weekend of 2009.

06/24/2009 03:29 PM
63: Interview with ex-Christian satirist Brother Russell
Brother Russell, ex-Christian satirist and co-founder of joins Scott and Emery to share some of his classic bits, and talk about how he went from fundamentalism to where he is today.

06/14/2009 03:29 PM
62: Geisler book ch. 11-12, reliability of Gospels and the Resurrection
Back to the book: this week Wendell and Tony join us to discuss the accuracy of the Gospel accounts and support for the Resurrection accounts as laid out in chapters 11-12 of "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist."

06/08/2009 03:29 PM
61: Conversation with Pastor Danny Edge about the nature of God
Scott is on vacation this week, so we're airing a conversation Emery taped a couple months ago with Church of Christ Prophecy minister Danny Edge. No new apologetic ground is broken, but an interesting conversation results.

05/31/2009 03:29 PM
60: Geisler book ch. 9-10, reliability of gospels
Chapters 9-10 of Geisler's book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist:" A look at the reliability of the Gospels, with guests Tony and Wendell.

05/24/2009 03:29 PM
59: Geisler book ch. 8 (miracles)
Chapter 8 of Geisler's book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist:" Miracles, do they occur, and what they say about God.

05/17/2009 03:29 PM
58: Geisler book ch. 7 (moral argument)
Chapter 7 of Geisler's book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist:" the Moral Argument for God

05/10/2009 03:29 PM
57: Geisler book ch. 6 (evolution)
What are the implications of the evolution/ID debate? Emery and Scott tackle this thorny issue in their survey of chapter 6 of Geisler's book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist."

05/03/2009 03:29 PM
56: Geisler book ch. 5b (TAG)
A discussion of the Transcendental Argument for God, part of chapter 5 of the Geisler book. Also, some listener questions.

04/26/2009 03:29 PM
55: Geisler book, ch. 5a
Tony joins us again to discuss chapter 5, where the authors expand on the watch in the desert argument by inferring design in nature.

04/19/2009 03:29 PM
54: Geisler book, ch. 4
Join Scott, Tony, and Emery for a discussion of the Design Argument for God. Is the "fine tuning" of the universe evidence for God, or did life merely adapt to fit the universe it found itself in?

04/12/2009 03:29 PM
53: Geisler book, ch. 3
It's the Cosmological argument for God, on this Easter day 2009. Join Emery and Scott and Christian guest Tony as they delve into God and the Big Bang theory as they look at Chapter 3 of "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist."

04/05/2009 03:29 PM
52: Geisler book, ch. 2
Jason joins Scott and Emery to discuss chapter 2 of Norman Geisler's book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist." Topics include morality and predicting the moral actions of the Christian God, Pascal's wager, and Scott's take on Biblical inerrancy.

03/22/2009 03:29 PM
51: Geisler book, ch. 1
Pastor Scott joins Emery to discuss chapter 1 of Norman Geisler's book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist." Today's topic is absolute vs. relative truth.

03/15/2009 03:29 PM
50: Geisler book, intro and preface
Pastor Scott joins Emery in part 1 of a series of shows looking at Norman Geisler's book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist." Today they discuss the foreword and intro.

03/08/2009 03:29 PM
49: Conservative vs. Liberal Christianity
Scott and Tony join Emery to discuss conservative vs. liberal Christian views on sex, scripture, and other things.

02/22/2009 03:29 PM
48: Sex, part 2
Scott Barger joins Emery once again to continue the discussion on sex.

02/08/2009 03:29 PM
47: Sex!
Scott Barger joins Emery to talk about Christian attitudes on sex and abstinance.

08/10/2008 03:29 PM
46: Are unbelievers without excuse?
Evangelical Christian Tony English joins Emery to discuss nonbelievers' culpability for their unbelief.

07/23/2008 03:29 PM
45: Supernatural experiences as proof of Christianity
How much should personal, supernatural experiences count in one's faith? Does God afford everyone an equally convincing supernatural encounter? Join Emery and Jesse as they discuss Jesse's own "Damascus Road" experience.

06/27/2008 03:29 PM
44: Christian group behavior
Shouldn't Christians as a group behave better than non-Christians, especially since only Christians have the transforming power of Christ? If not, why not? Pastor Scott and atheist Emery try to figure it out.

06/15/2008 03:29 PM
43: Why be a Christian?
Pastor Scott and Emery discuss why it is that he remains a Christian, despite doubts and uncertainties he has about his faith. Hosts: Emery and Scott

06/01/2008 03:29 PM
42: Why did Jesus die?
Pastor Scott and Emery discuss Christian concepts of why Jesus died, and try to differentiate forgiveness from appeasement. Hosts: Emery and Scott

05/25/2008 03:29 PM
41: Christian essentials
Pastor Scott joins us again to discuss what beliefs are essential for a person to be a real Christian. Hosts: Emery and Scott

05/21/2008 03:29 PM
40: Gay marriage
Gay marriage and the California supreme court decision: a discussion with law student Jesse Cowell. Hosts: Emery and Jesse

03/02/2008 03:29 PM
39: Consciousness
Josh returns to discuss the philosophical underpinnings of consciousness, and whether it can evolve from a purely natural universe. Hosts: Emery and Josh

02/17/2008 03:29 PM
38: Hell and God's justice
Ex-Christian David discusses hell and God's justice with Emery and Wonders for Oyarsa. Hosts: Emery and Wonders for Oyarsa

02/02/2008 03:29 PM
37: The modern church
A discussion of the modern church, why God created us, and free will with longtime forum poster, Narsil. Hosts: Emery and Narsil

01/26/2008 03:29 PM
36: Christian difficulties
A discussion of Christian difficulties with pastor Scott Barger. Hosts: Emery and Scott

01/20/2008 03:29 PM
35: Atheism and agnosticism
Atheism, agnosticism and "why get up" with pastor Scott Barger. Hosts: Emery and Scott

11/30/2007 03:29 PM
34: The Beowulf movie
A discussion of the Beowulf movie and its underlying Christian themes. Hosts: Emery and Wonders for Oyarsa

10/21/2007 03:29 PM
32: Genesis 1-11
Wonders for Oyarsa is back to discuss Genesis 1-11. Hosts: Emery and Wonders for Oyarsa

10/14/2007 03:29 PM
31: Free will and sin
Josh from joins Emery to discuss free will and sin from a philosophical perspective. Hosts: Emery and Josh

10/07/2007 03:29 PM
30: Christianity and art
Jayson from joins Emery to discuss art and Christianity. Hosts: Emery and Jayson

09/30/2007 03:29 PM
29: Job
A discussion about Job, with Wonders for Oyarsa, author of the blog at Hosts: Emery and Wonders for Oyarsa/

02/04/2007 03:29 PM
28: War and the sanctity of life
A discussion of war, and how that impacts the Christian belief that life is sacred. Hosts: Norton and Emery

10/07/2006 03:29 PM
27: Fundamentalism
A discussion of Christian fundamentalism with guest Valerie Tarico. Hosts: Norton and Emery

08/27/2006 03:29 PM
26: Heaven and free will
How can there be both free will and no sin in heaven? Hosts: Norton and Emery

07/02/2006 03:29 PM
25: Guardian angels
Do guardian angels exist, and if so, what are the moral implications? Hosts: Norton and Emery

06/18/2006 03:29 PM
24: Co-existence
How do Christians and atheists co-exist? Hosts: Norton and Emery

06/06/2006 03:29 PM
23: Christian hypocrisy
A discussion of Christian hypocrisy and how it affects the ability of others to believe. Hosts: Norton and Emery

06/01/2006 03:29 PM
22: Homosexuality
A look at sex and homosexuality. Hosts: Norton and Emery

05/22/2006 03:29 PM
21: The Da Vinci Code
A look at the Da Vinci Code movie, and some of its implications. Hosts: Norton and Emery

05/14/2006 03:29 PM
20: Prayer
Why does Christianity teach us to pray? Hosts: Norton and Emery

05/07/2006 03:29 PM
19: Abortion
Dead babies series part 2: abortion discussion. Hosts: Norton and Emery

04/23/2006 03:29 PM
18: Killing babies to save their souls
Dead babies series part 1: Should we kill babies to save their souls? Hosts: Norton and Emery

04/01/2006 03:29 PM
17: An atheist's meaning of life, 2
Part 2 of how an atheist finds meaning in life. Hosts: Norton and Emery

04/01/2006 03:29 PM
16: An atheist's meaning of life, 1
Part 1 of how an atheist finds meaning in life. Hosts: Norton and Emery

03/19/2006 03:29 PM
15: Free will vs. Sin
Free will vs. Sin, plus some listener mail. Hosts: Norton and Emery

02/24/2006 03:29 PM
13: Hell, part 2
Hell and its definition and ethical implications, part 2. Hosts: Norton and Emery

02/24/2006 03:29 PM
12: Hell, part 1
Hell and its definition and ethical implications. Hosts: Norton and Emery

02/18/2006 03:29 PM
11: Ontological and presuppositional arguments
Arguments for the existence of God: the Ontological and Presuppositional Arguments, and Religious Experience. Hosts: Norton and Emery

02/18/2006 03:29 PM
10: Design argument
Arguments for the existence of God: the Design Argument. Hosts: Norton and Emery

02/18/2006 03:29 PM
9: Cosmological argument
Arguments for the existence of God: the Cosmological Argument. Hosts: Norton and Emery

01/20/2006 03:29 PM
8: Objective morality
Objective moral standards without God? Hosts: Norton and Emery

01/20/2006 03:29 PM
7: Faith and choice
More on faith: can we choose what we believe? Hosts: Norton and Emery

01/20/2006 03:29 PM
6: Faith and Belief
The nature of faith and belief. Hosts: Norton and Emery

01/13/2006 03:29 PM
5: Existence of sin
Does sin exist, or is it merely an adjective to describe what people do? If so, how can you get rid of it? Hosts: Norton and Emery

01/13/2006 02:29 PM
4: The Passion
A discussion about Mel Gibson's "The Passion" movie, and why God requires that Jesus be punishment for our sin. Hosts: Norton and Emery

01/09/2006 05:29 PM
3: Moral standards, part 2
Part two of our discussion on moral standards. Hosts: Norton and Emery

01/09/2006 05:44 PM
2: Moral standards, part 1
Our first show on moral standards, and whether God is necessary to a viable moral system. Hosts: Norton and Emery

01/09/2006 05:28 PM
1: Introduction
Welcome to A Christian and an Atheist! Check out our first episode, back before the show became the slick, well oiled machine that it is today. Hosts: Norton and Emery
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